Steering The Cattle Industry

In The Right Direction

Locus Animal Nutrition (Locus AN)

is a low-cost supplier of probiotic feed additives that solve the livestock industry’s biggest sustainability challenges.

Methane Reduction

Operating Cost Reduction


Sustainable Probiotics for Cattle

Initial trials showing significant reductions in methane

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Created Using Innovative and Patented Production Technology




100X the concentration


100% customized

One cow can produce


tons of CO2e annually

The total cow population is


billion worldwide

Methane is


more harmful than CO2

The Perfect

Combination of Skills

Led by experienced entrepreneurs and data driven scientists

“No feed additive has been commercialized and demonstrated an ability to reduce methane at scale YET, until we found the technology to bring a solution to market.”

– Andrew Lefkowitz, (EY Entrepreneur of the Year)

Backed By An Award-Winning Green Tech Leader

Locus AN is an operating company of Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS), an award-winning green tech company that develops probiotic-based solutions and green technologies to replace and outperform chemicals and address global challenges in key industries

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