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Minimize Methane Emissions

Maximize Feed Efficiency

Developing novel direct-fed microbial feed additives to impact cattle productivity and on-farm sustainability


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An Award-Winning Green Tech Leader

Locus Animal Nutrition (Locus AN) is an operating division of Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS), a globally recognized green technology company driven by world-class scientists with a proven track record of success developing sustainable solutions for a broad range of industries.
Locus AN leverages these core scientific capabilities to identify, verify and produce non-GMO, direct-fed microbial (DFM) feed additives for animal production systems including livestock and poultry.
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Direct-fed Microbials

Initial Trials

Locus Animal Nutrition (Locus AN) has partnered with world renowned collegiate researchers to conduct both in-vitro and in-vivo trials.

An Opportunity Worth Pursuing

The Total Cow Population is


Billion Worldwide

One Cow Can Produce


Liters of Methane Per Day

Cows Gross Energy Between


Spent on Methane Production