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Meet the Livestock Industry Expert Joining Locus Animal Nutrition to Commercialize Bovine Methane-Reduction Technology

Chad Pawlak will act as managing director and lead commercialization of the startup’s methane-reducing feed additives

SOLON, Ohio (June 24, 2021) Locus Animal Nutrition has quickly grabbed the attention of livestock experts with impressive initial trial results showing substantial methane emission reductions in cattle. Now, those results are attracting key talent, including industry-veteran Chad Pawlak. Pawlak has joined the team as managing director to drive the research, development and commercialization of Locus Animal Nutrition’s methane-reducing, direct-fed microbial (DFM) feed additives.

Pawlak brings a unique combination of entrepreneurial and bovine experience that makes him a perfect fit to lead the top agtech startup. He has proven success launching and building multiple start-ups, along with establishing numerous joint ventures and partnerships across dairy supply chains and value streams. This success was driven by Pawlak’s deep knowledge of farm operations, bovine genetics, dairy production and product commercialization—all of which will provide immense value to Locus Animal Nutrition.

“Our DFM feed additives are true game-changers for cattle methane emissions; and we needed someone passionate and highly skilled in the space to grow these solutions to their true potential,” said Andy Lefkowitz, co-founder of Locus Fermentation Solutions, the holding company for Locus Animal Nutrition. “I am absolutely confident that Chad Pawlak is that person. From the field to the boardroom, his enthusiasm is contagious.”

Pawlak initially joined the Locus team through the company’s agriculture division, using his agribusiness experience to drive sales of an award-winning line of soil probiotic technologies. He quickly saw an opportunity to expand into the Locus Animal Nutrition division after learning about the work being done in methane reduction.

“While I enjoy working with row crops and growers, my long history across the supply chain of the bovine sector is clearly valuable to the success of these innovative new feed additives,” Pawlak said. “I am very impressed with the work Locus Animal Nutrition is doing and it has massive potential on a global level. Bespoke and patent-protected, methane-reducing DFMs—ones that can scale and possibly offer additional value to livestock, producers and the globe—are extremely exciting developments to participate in.”

Pawlak is currently overseeing a second round of in-vitro trials and the first in-vivo trial with top bovine research universities, and leading discussions with strategic partners. Initial results far exceed other solutions currently being studied.  For more information on the company and its work, visit


About Locus Animal Nutrition
Founded by probiotic experts, Locus Animal Nutrition (Locus AN) uses patented microbrewery-type production technology to create direct-fed microbial (DFM) feed additives for the livestock industry that address the interrelated UN Sustainable Development Goals of fighting climate change and increasing food supply. Robobank named Locus AN one of the top 15 agtech startups for the solutions’ potential to substantially reduce enteric methane emissions from cattle—a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions in the world—while increasing feed efficiency and productivity. The unique approach enables rapid strain selection, deployment and scaling for use across the U.S. and eventually international markets for a global impact. Locus AN gets its core scientific capabilities from its parent company, Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS), an Ohio-based, globally recognized green technology company. To learn more about Locus AN’s work in livestock methane emission reductions, visit